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Often photographing where we are brings us completely present. At other times fumbling for the perfect shot can be a distraction. We have learned over the years to insert ourselves into each moment then decide how to capture it to share. In these galleries you will find exquisite moments, breathtaking places and unforgettable people.


India 2013 – Baroda and Surrounding Areas

Baroda is a large city that attracts global business in the state of Gujarat. We were here for a few days but spent most of our time exploring other little towns and tiny villages nearby.

India 2013 Dasada in Gujarat

After one night in Ahmedabad, we were taken to a place unlike anything we’ve seen in India. A place called Rann Riders. It was a small resort (if that’s the right word) in the middle of nowhere but close to an animal sanctuary. It was the perfect place to unwind from a 10 1/2 hour time difference and 18 hours of travel.